Yoga Journey

Photo Credit:   Pete Longworth   | The Visual Storyteller

Photo Credit: Pete Longworth | The Visual Storyteller

The Seed

In what feels like my past life I was an athlete playing college soccer in America. First at the University of Central Florida and then at the University of New Mexico. During my senior year in 2012 I decided to dive into the deep end of meditation and sign up for a 10 day silent Vipassana meditation retreat. I never saw the world the same again. 

I would describe my teaching style as eclectic and modern, the fusion of a diverse collection of Eastern methods tailored to the requirements of the modern world. The Taoist concept of Yin/Yang is a central themeI see Yin Yoga as medicine for the modern world. It's a safe space to slow down, relax, look inside & find peace while opening up the deeper connective tissues of the body. The yang complement to this style is Vinyasa Flow which cultivates fluid motion linked with the breath, interspersed by moments of stillness with a focus on alignment. The aim is create strength, balance, flexibility & vitality. 

initial 200 hour training was with Noah Maze - Known for his advanced asana practice & clarity of communication. From this base I expanded my horizons by traveling to study with a selection of unique teachers.

Budokon with Cameron Shayne – A unique blend of Martial Arts, Primal movement & Yoga. Insight Yoga with Sarah Powers – Yin Yoga with a focus on mindfulness and insight. Traditional Thai Yoga Massage at Loi Kroh School in Chiang Mai – Massage and assisted stretches to relax the body and increase energy flow. Vipassana Meditation as taught by S.N Goenka – Ten day silent retreats to practice mindfulness & insight methods.

In 2015
 I spent seven months based in Sri Lanka teaching atTallala Surf & Yoga Retreat and Tri Lanka Luxury Eco RetreatFollowing that I traveled through Bali and Thailand studying with masters and sharing Yin Yoga workshops. After returning to NZ late in 2015 I toured the North Island with my c r e a t e  s p a c e workshop series. Now back in Sri Lanka I have taken the position of resident teacher at Sri Yoga Shala in Unawatuna where I will teach 10 classes per week plus workshops. I am currently developing a yoga system for professional and college athletes called Conscious Athletics.

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