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• The Yin Side – Understand the universal principals of Taoist Yin/Yang philosophy and learn how it relates to our practice, our lives, the earth and the universe.

• Yin Practice – An introduction to the history and lineage of Yin yoga. The foundational principals of a simple practice for every body using the four stages of a yin pose.

• Yin Teaching – The art of creating and holding space for Yin Yoga. How to use clear communication to guide students safely and methods for creating themes to share your unique message.

• Anatomy Trains – The science of fascia using maps of the myofasical meridians lines focusing on how we can release and reshape the body through the practice of Yin Yoga.

• Mind – Yin yoga as a container for meditation focusing on mindfulness/insight meditation and tantric meditation on energy.

• Breath – Exploring the breath as a way of enhancing and complimenting the practice of Yin Yoga to cultivate energy and reach deeper meditative states.

• Inner landscapes – Yogic maps of the energetic centers (chakras), rivers (nadis) and winds (vayus) and how we can explore them using body, breath and mind through the practice of Yin Yoga.

• Yin Culture – The balance of Yin/Yang in the context of our modern culture and how we can use our practice to create harmony and balance as individuals and a collective.



A variety of methods will be used to create a transformational journey and an educational exerpeience. 

• Lectures on philosophy, anatomy, teaching, mind, breath and energetics. 

• Daily masterclass practices of signature sequences.

• Pose breakdown workshops of the key Yin Yoga shapes.

• Discussion time for questions and sharing of experience.

• Day of silence to slow down and tune in. 

• 6 Hour Yin Journey cocreated by students of the course. 

• Opening and closing circle.

• Free time for rest, reading and the beach. 

• Fire circles under the stars. 

Sample daily schedule:

7am - Pose Breakdown Workshop

9am - Light Breakfast

930am - Lecture / Discussion

1130am - Lunch

12pm - Beach / Reading / Rest

2pm - Lecture / Teaching Practice

4pm - Yin practice

Exceptions - Opening day, closing day, day of noble silence, day of the 6 Hour Yin Journey.


If you have any questions or are interested in joining feel free to reach out and we will get back to you soon. 

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Yin Yoga Teacher Training June 2018